About Us

SMT Story

At an industry conference in 2019, 5 strangers sat together during a coffee break, 3 fortune 500 industry executives, 2 entrepreneurs. They hit it off personally and started talking about the challenges facing each of them. Surprise, they all had the same challenges. Who do you use for Co-Packing, Packaging,?, Who do you use for warehousing and transportation?, Who is doing your e-commerce? Who do you use you can trust to keep the pricing affordable and meet deadlines?

There were no answers that any of them felt comfortable giving recommendations. All were faced with the same conclusions. The Big were too Big, the small were too small, and no one demonstrated TRUE PARTERSHIP, and Were PROBLEM SOLVERS.

After a few moments of pondering, SMT was born. We launched our business right in the throws of the unknowns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, but that couldn’t stop us!

As a result of our collective experiences, we became aware of the growing need in the market for sincere, honest, problem solvers to assist manufacturers through this challenging point in history. It created an opportunity, and a desire, to vertically integrate our businesses in a time when it was most needed.

Oh and the name SMT, well simple, 5 guys is a burger place and the name was taken! Supporting, Motivating, Trustworthy=SMT Packaging and Logistics

Collectively, Our leadership team has over 100 years of CPG experience and we look forward to serving you, the important difference is Partnership, others talk the talk, we walk the walk!

I want to thank you for your outstanding service, responsiveness and problem solving in our projects, recent and past. Whether it is in contract packaging, production, logistics/warehousing, not only in the CPG side of our business, but also in the OTC and HBC businesses. The measure of a good company is on time, on budget delivery of goods and services.

Chris Mattina

No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small

Vision and Promise:

This simple statement speaks to the essence of who SMT Packaging is and why we exist. We want to assist large AND small businesses looking to increase profitability through operational efficiency.

Our Mission is to deliver quality and timely service, for all your packaging and fulfillment needs.  Communication and Hard Work will serve as the foundation of all partnerships with SMT Packaging.